Transcend & Shine Collection is our first collaboration released under SHINE with artist David Rodriguez of Rivvl Collective

The name of the collection represents David’s journey through his awakening and ascension process and every piece focuses on a different aspect of consciousness and the ever expanding journey within. In total, there are 11 pieces in the collection. Each piece is one of a kind and has been through a unique process beginning with a drawing. Some of the designs have been scanned and converted into vector art for a vinyl transfer before finally being painted. We hope you enjoy the high vibrational energy each one of these pieces of art contain.




David started Rivvl Collective as an art brand representing the unity of the individual mind. His intention is to help artists grow in and share their knowledge, follow their passion, to build community and long term relationships along the way. Many artists miss opportunities and aren’t able to fully shine their light. Rivvl Collective aims to reach those souls and to come together as one mind, tapping into universal abundance to create something magical and mindblowing. This collective is focused on celebrating diversity in creative styles that showcase individuality and uniqueness. This is integral in inspiring the mind to create a masterpiece.

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