Water Marbled Fabric – Ambrosia


Our water marbled fabric goes through an amazing process to become what you see here. There are never any two pieces that are marbled that turn out just the same. An acrylic bath is poured for each square of fabric. The paint is laid into the bath, creating the design and then the pretreated fabric is laid on top to capture the floating paint and voila, you have a unique piece of fabric that can be used to stretch around a frame, can be used for crafts or bag making or to give your project new life. This fabric has been hand washed, leaving a permanent acrylic print that will not wash out. 

💛 Custom color ways are available for your next project, reupholster or design. Get in touch with us for details. We’d love to help.

••• NOTE: When interfacing, use medium heat and a protective sheet to protect the integrity of the fabric. 

Size: 42 x 50
Fabric: 100% cotton twill

Care Instructions
When washing the first time, use a gentle cycle and high heat to dry. Maintain your fabric with a spot clean and air dry.

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