Custom Hydro Dip Shoes


Each pair of our hydro dipped shoes are one of a kind and made to your order. Here’s a short description of our process but if you really wanna see how we do it, visit us on IG @alwaysshineyourheart and you can watch our time lapse videos. Every pair of custom shoes are recorded and sent to you when they are complete.

First we pretreat the shoes so when it gets dipped, it grabs the ink and we get that super bright vibe we want.
We make a water bath and float paint in your colors on top. We tape off the bottom sole and the logos and then we carefully dip your shoes. This is a one shot deal so it’s important to prepare ahead and set ourselves up for success. This is not spray paint, it is acrylic.
The shoes are then rinsed and dried. We finish them with a varnish you choose, lace them up and send them off!

Every pair of shoes comes with a video showing the dipping process. These make great gifts and can be further customized with notes or hang tags. Email us for more information.

Choose Your Colors!

Choose up to six colors for your shoes using the color pickers below. If you prefer one color to be more dominant, choose that one first. If you want say pink and black with a very light touch of yellow, please leave that in the "Additional Details" box below. Note: Colors vary on screens and devices so we will do our best to match the colors to what you have chosen.

Additional information


M 4 / W 5.5, M 4.5 / W 6, M 5 / W 6.5, M 5.5 / W 7, M 6 / W 7.5, M 6.5 / W 8, M 7 / W 8.5, M 7.5 / W 9, M 8 / W 9.5, M 8.5 / W 10, M 9 / W 10.5, M 9.5 / W 11


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